Ted Cruz steps up Republican war over immigration by promising refugee background checks

If Donald Trump thinks that America’s doors should be closed to Muslim refugees, his main rival is dubious about those who are already here.

Senator Ted Cruz has tried to out-tough his opponents in the Republican war over immigration by urging “retroactive” checks on all refugees from “high risk countries”.

Mr Cruz has spent the last week crisis-crossing a frozen Iowa in a bus painted with the slogan: “The Courageous Crusader”. On Feb 1, Iowa will be the first state to vote in the lengthy battle for the Republican nomination.

In restaurants, coffee shops and schools, Mr Cruz has tried to convince voters he would take an even more hardline stance on refugees and immigrants than Mr Trump. The Senator’s latest idea goes further than that of any other presidential contender.

“We need a retroactive assessment of refugees who have been allowed into this country,” said Mr Cruz on the campaign trail in Iowa. “What communications, what statements have they made? What actions have they

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